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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Introduction video is live!

Well, the first video is up on youtube...take a moment to check it out and tell me what you think.  Here's the addy for the full sized video:
...or see below for a preview pane...

Stay tuned for more!


Kat said...

Loved the video! Can I be your first groupie? Question: Is the dog going to be in all the videos? I know Paula Deen has a dog that walks around from time to time on her show, but please no dog hair in the kitchen. I like the humor you injected and can't wait for the first recipe.
Bon Appetit!!!

Supercenter Chef said...

You'll have to contact my groupie manager for application instructions...
The dog, Fenny, loves the spotlight...I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her!

Stay tuned!

jennifer said...

Good job! :)
So, what's first on the menu?

Bobby#68 said...

Tres bon, Msr. Supercenter Chef. Bon appetit.

(Arkansan translation: Very good, Mister Supercenter Chef. Happy eating.)